Touchdowns for TaTas-Event Schedule

Saturday, April 16, 2016 

  • 6:30A.M. All athletes and attendees start arriving to venue
  • 6:30A.M. Late Registration and Packet Pickup will commence
  • 7:00A.M. Fundraising from vendors and outside sources will begin
  • 7:00A.M. Concessions will open. See food list in Food and Beverage
  • 7:30A.M. Opening Ceremony
  • 7:45A.M. Late Registration and Packet Pickup ends
  • 8:00A.M. First Round beings
  • 8:10A.M. National Anthem to be sung – all teams to be present.
  • 8:15A.M. Kick-off of first games.
  • 10:45A.M. First round advancers to be announced.
  • 11:50A.M. Lunch
  • 1:00 P.M. Second round will begin
  • 2:50P.M. Advancers of the third round are announced
  • 3:00P.M. Championship round begins
  • 4:05 P.M. Fourth round advancers are announced.
  • 4:15P.M. Winner of the TaTa’s tournament is announced and other awards
  • 5:15P.M. Event end
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