Komen Greater Iowa – Merger Q&A

Q: Why are you merging?

A: By centralizing certain functions, leveraging staff and volunteer leadership, and consolidating granting and funding relationships sponsorship, Komen Greater Iowa can maximize its time, talent and resources to make a bigger difference in the lives of its service recipients.

Q: Who are you merging with?

A: Komen Greater Iowa will serve all of Iowa’s 99 counties as well as Henry, Mercy, Rock Island and Whiteside Counties in Illinois, Dakota and Thurston Counties in Nebraska and Union County in South Dakota. This combines the service areas of Komen Iowa based in Des Moines, Komen Quad Cities based in Bettendorf, and Komen Siouxland based in Sioux City.  Click here to view our new service area map

Q: When will the merger happen? 

A: The three Affiliates of the Susan G. Komen organization are proud to announce their consolidation into one Affiliate known as Komen Greater Iowa, to be effective January 3, 2017.

Q: What happens to the local Race and office?

A: Once united, the new Komen Greater Iowa will host Race for the Cure events in Des Moines, Moline, Sioux City and Ottumwa, as well as other fundraising events across its service area. Office presence in Des Moines, Sioux City and Bettendorf will remain open to support all of these important fundraising activities.

Q: Will the money raised stay here?

A: This past fall, Komen announced a new, organization-wide, bold goal to reduce the current number of breast cancer deaths by 50% within the next decade. To accomplish this goal, Komen Greater Iowa will address disparities in access and timely utilization of quality breast cancer care and focus on investments in research for new early detection methods and treatments for aggressive and metastatic breast cancer. Click here to read more about our bold goal

Funds raised through each of these Race events, along with proceeds from third-party events and other sources will continue to be distributed to organizations that apply for funding and meet published grant criteria. These criteria are based on an analysis of local community needs conducted in 2015. Those criteria will continue to inform the granting process and this Affiliate consolidation will likely streamline grant requests for agencies that have had to submit as many as three different requests to meet commonly identified needs.


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