Janet Reid-Survivor Story

Janet Reid

I am now a 6 year survivor.  I was diagnosed in 2010 around March.  I had a misshaped breast that I was fearful of it being an aggressive cancer.  I was referred to Katzmann Breast Center where a biopsy was taken.  It was negative. Janet Reid

Later that month or next, I went to my dermatologist who did not like the looks of it either and she took a biopsy.  It was negative.

I had my mammogram and explained to the radiologist my concerns and this is where it was found.  Then, I was referred back to Katzmann where another biopsy was taken and this time was positive. I was stage IV with a diagnosis of no choice but to have a mastectomy. I opted for a double. I had 4 treatments then the double mastectomy and 4 more treatments after that, with many PET scans. Following chemo I had 30 days of radiation.

So far all my follow up PET scans are negative.  All of my doctors worked hard together to get me the best treatment.  I am very happy with their care and continue to be followed.


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