I Promise

We Promise to Keep Fighting.

But we need you to join in our promise.

A promise means a lot. It’s an oath to uphold. A binding contract. An imprint on the heart.We keep promises. One promise is powerful. But what happens when hundreds or thousands of people make the same promise?

Magic. Pure Magic.

Individually, we can promise to fight breast cancer. But that will only take us so far. In a world where far too many men and women die from breast cancer, we need a larger promise. We need our community to make a collective promise:

We promise to support research that finds better treatments and a cure for metastatic breast cancer.
We promise to remove barriers to treatment.
We promise to advocate for survivors and co-survivors.
We promise to end the disparity in the number of breast cancer deaths in the Black community.
We promise to remind all women to get their annual mammograms.
We promise to never stop fighting.

Make the promise with us. Share your promise with the world. Help us promise more birthdays, more lives saved, more celebrations by making your end of year donation.

What Your Promise Means:

Treatment Assistance

Helping patients stay in treatment through assistance programs.

Patient Support

Guiding patients through difficult decisions and providing social and emotional support.

Advocacy Efforts

Advocating for breast cancer patients, research, and needs among policymakers.

Research Funding

Funding for lifesaving research and clinical trials.

Support for breast cancer patients and survivors is imperative.

No matter the year. No matter what happens in the world. We will uphold our promise. While there is power in a singular promise, there is magic in hundreds of promises.

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