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State Level Advocacy


Step therapy, also referred to as “fail first”, requires a patient to first try a preferred (often generic alternative) drug prior to receiving coverage for the originally prescribed drug.  Step therapy is a method of utilization management health plans employ to control costs by beginning treatment with a more cost-effective drug therapy and then progressing to the newer, more costly treatments only if necessary. Legislation can prohibit health plan companies from requiring enrollees to follow step therapy protocols for stage four advanced metastatic cancer and associated conditions.

SF 2342 DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING COVERAGE (click here for more info) 

Traditional screening mammography is an x-ray examination of the breast of an asymptomatic woman.  Once signs or symptoms of breast disease have been found, diagnostic imaging (diagnostic mammography, ultrasound, breast MRI, etc) is recommended. In addition, diagnostic imaging may be recommended for women who have a prior history of breast cancer.


Call your representatives Offices. Find your representatives by clicking here. Once you reach a staff person or voicemail system, use the following talking points to tell your story:

  • Click here for the Metastatic Cancer Step Therapy bill SF 2384 talking points
  • Click here for Diagnostic Imaging bill SF 2342

Please let us know which offices you contact and any feedback you receive, email Sherry Fuller at

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National Advocacy

Since our early days, Susan G. Komen® has worked to mobilize our communities to take action. Together, we ensure the voice and needs of the breast cancer patient, survivor and the people who love them are heard by lawmakers and government regulators across the United States.

Komen works to educate people about public policy issues, so they are empowered to become forceful advocates for themselves and their neighbors, and then unites their collective voices for maximum impact.

Sound government action is critical for making the broad, systemic and lasting changes we need to save lives and end breast cancer forever. That means that Komen – as a patient advocacy organization with first-hand knowledge of how breast cancer touches people and communities – must advocate at all levels of government. We cannot do it alone; Real change requires a chorus of voices!

The Susan G. Komen® Center for Public Policy, will focus on work to:

• Empower people and policymakers with knowledge,
Connect advocates together, and
• Mobilize everyone to Act for lasting change.

The Center for Public Policy is not a separate organization, but rather a new unifying identity for the critical work we are doing to take action through public policy in the fight against breast cancer. The new identity includes an inspiring new tagline – Powered by YOU. This tagline speaks to the essence of our advocacy work. Change is only possible through each of you.

The time to act is now! Join Komen’s Center for Public Policy in our fight to eliminate breast cancer deaths forever. Becoming an advocate is easy – just click here and take action in one of our ongoing campaigns!