Local Resources

Thanks to the generosity of donors and sponsors, Susan G. Komen Greater Iowa is able to fund many breast-health and breast cancer-related programs across greater Iowa. We are proud to partner with these organizations to bring breast health education, screening and treatment options to people who need them most.

Susan G. Komen Greater Iowa is a proud member of the Iowa Cancer Consortium. They list every county in Iowa specifically and programs that support those in that area.

Iowa Health + Wellness Plan

The Iowa Health and Wellness Plan provides comprehensive health coverage at low or no cost to Iowans between the ages of 19 and 64. Eligibility is based on household income. All Iowa Health and Wellness Plan members can receive free healthcare if they choose to take specific steps to protect their health and complete what are known as Healthy Behaviors. Beginning in the member’s second year of enrollment, a small monthly contribution may be required, depending on family income. Learn more here.

Komen-Funded Programs

We are proud to give out 75% of our proceeds to local programs, like many listed on the Iowa Cancer Consortiums website. Below are the grant recipients from 2018 through 2019 listed by region. If you have ever donated funds to Komen Greater Iowa, you can see the amount of funding we have allotted to support those in our communities! Interested in seeing more programs we’ve funded? Head here!

Central Iowa

Healthy Women Program: Breast Health Initiative, Patient Navigation Services and the Fight Strong Fight Together Community Outreach Project: $34,500 Polk County Health Department, Des Moines IA

The purpose of this project is to support access to screening, diagnostic and treatment services through education, patient navigation, care coordination, case management, interpretation, support, and linkages to resources to decrease barriers. Patient Navigation services help women with difficulties navigating the health care system despite insurance status to improve breast cancer screening rates, promote early detection and ensure continuity of care.

To address disparities for African American/Black women and geographic access issues for Madison County residents, targeted outreach efforts will involve providing information, peer education/support, partnerships, collaborations, and linkages to financial assistance, resources and patient navigation. Outreach will continue to improve our ability to reach and engage African American/Black women and Madison County residents to increase the number of women who obtain breast health education, mammograms and continuity of needed care. For more information call (515)286-2018 or visit them online.

LGBTQ, health, screening, survey, assessment, providers, community partners: $8,044 One Iowa, Des Moines IA

One Iowa has partnered with the Iowa Department of Public Health to train their Care for Yourself (CFY) healthcare providers. These trainings equip providers with knowledge and policies to treat LGBTQ Iowans with respect and dignity as well as increase screening rates amount the target population. This project will train twenty-five CFY providers (estimated 375 healthcare professionals), granting 5000 LGBTQ Iowans access. They will jointly evaluate which providers most need training with IDPH staff by cross-referencing our LGBTQ health resource list with their provider list. One Iowa will collect data from trained providers about the number of LGBTQ Iowans they serve as well as collect valuable feedback on the impact of training from the CYF providers. For more information call (515)288-4019 or visit them online.

Western Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota

Sister to Sister (Hermana a Hermana): $44,251 Promise Community Health Center, Sioux City IA

The Promise Community Health Center seeks to reduce the incidence of and mortality rate from breast cancer in Sioux, O’Brien and Lyon counties by initiating bilingual screenings and awareness efforts about breast health, cancer prevention measures within the health center as well as increasing access to clinical breast exams, mammograms and diagnostic exams through reducing barriers such as lack of transportation and financial cost. Disproportionately high incidence and mortality rate for breast cancer and the barriers of poverty rates, cultural differences and lack of insurance coverage are obstacles that the PCHC seeks to overcome. For more information, contact Emily Tuschen at (712)722-1700 or visit them online.

Navigating the Continuum of Care One Patient at a Time: $90,823 Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Council Bluffs IA

Jennie Edmundson remains committed to doing their part to reduce the number of breast cancer deaths over the next decade. This project will utilize a powerful marketing brand and resources to enhance our outreach campaign throughout Southwest Iowa and will strive to help women obtain needed services, regardless of their ability to pay. For women who are uninsured or underinsured in Cass, Mills, Pottawattamie, and Shelby Counties, we will provide screening mammograms and diagnostic services. For women diagnosed with breast cancer, we will help them navigate through the continuum of care from diagnosis to treatment to survivorship. With a goal of reaching at least 300 women in the target population, they will track services provided, number of women in the continuum of care and number of women in survivorship. For more information call (712)396-4117 or visit them online.

Eastern Iowa and Illinois

The Voucher Program: $148,485 Genesis Health System, Davenport IA

Cost barriers continue to prevent women/men of all ages from obtaining breast cancer imaging. The Voucher Program (VP) addresses this need by providing screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms & breast ultrasounds free of charge to those in need. The population served includes lower income women/men residing in the 9 county Quad Cities service area, although it targets outreach in the 3 target (priority) counties of Clinton, Muscatine & Mercer to facilitate increased use of the VP. Genesis works with community partners to create awareness & guide patients through the continuum of care, including financial assistance provided by the VP. In 2018-2019, the VP will provide eligible women/men with 210 screening mammograms, 154 diagnostic mammograms & 137 breast ultrasounds. The expected impact is an increase in access to breast cancer screening/diagnostic services for those in need, measured by the number of women/men that receive the recommended breast imaging services. For more information about obtaining a voucher call 563-421-1913 or barkd@genesishealth.com. More information about this and other financial assistance programs can be found online.