2016 Raffle for the Cure

October is a busy month for the Susan G. Komen Foundation here in Iowa. The 2016 Raffle for the Cure will be held throughout the month of October. You can purchase tickets at any of our events and outings throughout the month, and at the Race on October 29th. And don’t forget to check out our list of great prizes that have been so generously donated by the various members of the community!

2016 Raffle for the Cure Prizes:

A Ok Antiques ($30)                                        Beaverdale Confections ($10)                     Adara ($30)

The Barber ($18)                                              Café Su ($20)                                                  Classic Floral Design ($30)

Chapter 2 East Village ($16)                          Five Monkeys Print ($10)                             Franklin Plaza Barber ($25)

Funky Zebra ($25)                                           George The Chili King ($20)                        Golds ($300)

Greengoods ($22)                                            Gusto Pizza-WDSM ($40)                            Gusto Pizza Johnston ($40)

It Works! ($180)                                              Jimmy Johns ($20)                                         Josephs ($Artful Item)

La Mie ($40)                                                      Legends (2x$20)                                             Look At You ($20)

Mainstream Boutique ($50)                           Matilda Muse ($25)                                        Pancheros ($25)

Noodle & Company-WDSM ($30)                Old Chicago ($15)                           Mainstream Boutique Waukee ($50)

Noodle & Company Urbandale ($30)           Pinots Palette ($50)                                       Planet Fitness ($168)

Power Life (2x$75)                                            Raygun ($10 product)                                  Roosevelt Barber ($18)

Sarah’s Hallmark ($20)                                   Sisters ($98 Purse)                                         Snookies (2x$10)

Tacopocalyspe (2x$50)                                    Trostel’s Greenbrier (2x$50)                       Vanity & Glamour ($40)

Village Bean ($10)                                            Wine of Iowa ($100)                                       Wanderlust ($40)

Z’Mariks ($25)                                                   Zumi ($20)                                                      Axis Salon ($180)

Nan’s Nummies ($10)                                      Bronze 515 ($30)

Thank you so much for your participation in the 2016 Raffle for the Cure and for your continued support in the fight against breast cancer!

Every dollar makes an impact – thank you for everything you do!

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